About Me

Hi, I’m Kristina Katherine

Born Seattle Native and lover of the PNW with a heart for Los Angeles.

I love Fashion. I love Styling. I love Creating. I love Adventuring. I love Traveling. I love Photography.

“KristinaKatherine” and “Anchored Heart” are a means to write about some of the things closest to my heart. A place where my heart can go to express my passions, inspire others in their personal lives but also in their fashion lives, and create an avenue to open doors in the fashion and art world.

Anchored Heart is a blog that has been birthed out of the beauty and pain of the highs and lows in my life. Kristina Katherine LLC is a Fashion Blog that flows from my long desire, love, and natural ability for fashion, clothing, styling, trends, and more.

Hope that I can speak to any individual whether in terms of personal life experiences or personal fashion sense!

Thanks for stopping by.


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