La Push PNW Adventure




La Push, Coast of WA


Back in October-2014, my best friend and co-adventurer knew I was having a rough time.  He knew I needed an adventure to clear my head and bring joy to my heart. He got me out of bed before the sun was even up and we packed the car up and took off on a 3 hour road trip to the Coast of Washington. Drove to the Edmonds Ferry and headed West to La Push and Forks Washington (Yes, the land of “vampires” and “werewolves” aka Twilight mania) to leave the city, the stress of  my life behind, enjoy the Pacific Ocean and the beauty of the PNW just the two of us.

It wasn’t too long before the weight of everything I was going through at the time that was smashing me into the ground started falling off with every mile we got farther away from the city. It is a marvelous thing and quite hilarious because if you know me it is something you can outwardly see happening! The farther I get out and the more I adventure the lighter my body feels, the brighter my smile and the more chipper my demeanor becomes.

We drove through endless small towns and highways and freeways, around a gorgeous lake and winding roads with trees creating a canopy above our heads. I loved every minute of this day. We stopped at a hole in the wall restaurant to eat breakfast that was covered in Halloween Decorations. We ate what seemed like pounds of pancakes and made instant friends with the waitress, her friends and the cook.

There is just something so therapeutic about me, a camera, the ocean, and a buddy to join me! This day was perfect…

Remember to never stop exploring. Never stop adventuring. The day I do, is the day I die inside.

Enjoy a few highlights from my trip!!!



What I Wore:

Bright Yellow Puffy Coat (Wear bright colors in overcast weather. It always pops!)

Statement Necklace- Forever 21

Baby Blue Crew Cut Sweater- Forever 21

White Pashmina Scarf

Black Hunter Boots and White Hunter Socks- Nordstrom ( I am obsessed with my Hunter Boots. They always come in hand)


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